6 ways to improve user experience on your e-learning website

User experience is the most important part of mobile app development Dubai. As technology advances and also because of the pandemic, many industries have shifted to e-learning facilities where businesses and educational institutions are adapting and changing the world of learning. With software such as zoom and google meet surging in use, it is now important for mobile app development Dubai, to enhance user experience because millions all over the world are dependent on online learning facilities. Here are ways you can use to enhance and improve the user experience on your e-learning website:

1. Make sure the design fits every device:

Compatibility in terms of design and user interface is extremely vital for mobile app development Dubai. Since users many a times switch from one device to another, make you’re your websites fit for all devices and gadgets. In addition to this, you must use a responsive design template in order to make your page automatically adapt to the devices it is viewed on. This way you can make sure that your website is accessible and adaptable. Furthermore, you will have to make sure that your website loads fast especially on mobile phones since data usage causes them to load slower.

2. Make sure you use the F shape:

A study conducted by The Nielsen Norman Group showed that many people prefer to read websites that are made in the shape of an F. meaning that two stripes of text across and two stripes down. This shows that viewers of mobile app development Dubai rarely complete the reading of a page on screen hence it is important to place important information in the start to maximize retention. Therefore, it is vital that the text on your pages is short, concise and easy to comprehend to maximize the quality of user experience for mobile app development Dubai.

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3. Clear any mess and clutter from your pages:

To make sure your users get the full e-learning experience make sure the way you design your pages is free of unnecessary information and clutter. Users judge a page within 3 seconds of opening it, hence it is important to make sure the text is visible and easier to read. In addition to this, use white space and carefully choose what you need on every page before it is made available to the public.

4. Use catchy titles:

Another important factor for mobile app development Dubai since users also judge a page by its titles. Hence, it is important to choose punchy and eye-catching title that are written in bold and visible text with a larger font. This will catch the attention of your users and prompt them to stay.

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