Check out Vinyl Flooring from a Trusted Name

Flooring fashions have always been an important factor in pulling together the various facets of room design. The use of vinyl flooring has for years been a staple of the building and remodeling industries when it comes to quality and cost factors related to flooring. And now a respected brand name has entered the vinyl flooring market in LG-that’s right LG the company you know for high quality affordable electronics and home appliances is now offering vinyl flooring options. Check out the website to get a good idea of why LG should be an option that you consider for your vinyl flooring needs.

As illustrated on the website, LG has entered the vinyl flooring market in Singapore with a flurry of new products in different grades that are available in a wide range of realistic visual effects portraying stone and wood finishes that will fit most any room design and customer tastes. The company claims that these products will provide a tough and beautiful finish that will last for years in virtually any domestic or light contract application. The product is backed by a seven-year warranty which gives you assurance and comfort regarding LG’s commitment to the quality of the product.

Viny floors from LG carry the promise of being water-resistant with simple maintenance requirements that make it a perfect choice for applications in areas subject to moisture. LG is a company that is committed to the environment and carries that commitment into the manufacturing processes to produce the vinyl floors through use of the most energy efficient and eco-friendly processes available. As in all the products that LG offers while they may not be the cheapest product in the market, but the quality of the LG products more than justifies the extra cost. For customers living in the Singapore market the choice of LG flooring is now an option that should be strongly considered for your next flooring project.

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