I Needed the Trees Pruned

The house we bought a few years ago has really gorgeous trees around it. Even though they were large and beautiful, I could tell that they needed some work done on them. The previous owners did not care about keeping them healthy, but I knew that they needed to be pruned in order to grow even healthier and look better. Since they never had this done before, I had to start from scratch in my search for a company that did tree pruning in Asheville NC. I did not want to just choose the first tree pruning company that came up on my online search.

I have always taken pride in the trees on my property in the past, and I wanted to have the same pride in these beauties. That is why I insisted on taking my time and finding the right company. I wanted a company that showed their knowledge on their website, and I was able to find one that did just that. They had a section just on pruning trees, and they explained the importance of that. I really liked the depth of their explanations, so I called them to set up an appointment.

They were able to come out about two weeks after we closed on the house, which gave me the time I needed to get my house in some sort of order, at least. They had looked at the trees prior to the pruning appointment, when they gave me a free estimate, so they were able to get right to work. When they were done with the trees in both the front and back yards, I could tell an immediate difference. I have a standing appointment now to have them pruned when it is needed, and I am just so happy because they look better than ever now.

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