I Really Got Lucky with My Girlfriend

Of course I have always liked girls, I knew it before I was 11 years old. All that time I never seemed to have much luck with them, but that seems to have turned around in a really big way. I was not interested in her money at the start and it was several months into my pursuit before I had even a clue that she had any of the stuff. I suspect I would have been interested in her money if I had known of it. I borrowed her phone once and she had this bitcoin era app open on it. I asked her if she understood that stuff and she set out to teach me about blockchain, which is not completely alien to me. I know how to program in javascript a little and I am working on a degree in computer science. I can program in C+ and that is how I earn the little bit of money I make right now.

As soon as she started talking about this stuff I realized that she knew this stuff inside and out, and apparently she had know about the stuff when the stuff became something years ago. In fact she was a couple years older than I thought she was, she’s 25 and I thought she was a senior here. In fact she has been working on her Ph.D. At the same time she is getting paid a very great deal of money as a consultant. I do not know what that really means and you would never figure it out from watching her. We spend a lot of time on the beach or hiking in the mountains. I found out she has a house on a lake, which is apparently mostly an investment property which is big enough for around 15 people to share.

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