Top 7 website development companies in Dubai

There are a lot of website development companies in Dubai. Each has a different purpose and offer services to their clients. Listed below are the top 7 website development companies in Dubai.

1. IndiaNIC

Contrary to the other Website Development Dubai companies in Dubai, IndiaNIC aid their customers to build captivating stores and later on bring the news of the website to the market through various websites. Having website design and programming expertise for many years, companies hire India NIC’s developers for their grip in JAVA, E-commerce, PHP, .NET and business applications. Their website developers build APIs, front-end and back-end, according to the requirement of the customer. They have between 250 to 999 employees working for them with the hourly pay varying from $25 to $49.  

2. Unifed Infotech

Your End-To-End Web & Solution Partner

Unified Infotech is an award-winning technology company that works with Global Enterprises, Start-Ups SME and forward thinking as their partners for end-to-end custom software solutions, website development and mobile applications. With a combination of good planning, design thinking, and the latest technology, they help their clients accelerate their business performance. It has around 50 to 249 employees and the hourly wage varies from $25 to $49.

Website Development Dubai

3. Inflexion

Custom software. Advanced Web and Travel Solutions

Since 1999, Inflexion has been assisting companies in various industries to improve their business processes with custom software solutions. With a well-organized team of 850+ IT professionals, Inflexion serves their customers worldwide no matter how they operate, location and organizational specifications. Inflexion addresses the IT needs of companies of all sizes, from startups to large businesses. Their successful projects are the result of extensive expertise in full-fledged software development, website development and different businesses. They have between 250 to 999 employees and they, like other companies, pay $25 to $49 per hour to their employees.

4. Cubix

Cubix is ​​the best mobile app, website development, games and software development company in Dubai! They specialize in developing, customizing, and integrating complex business-level solutions, business intelligence statistics, advanced web and mobile solutions. With over eight years of experience, they have worked for clients including individuals, startups, and organizations Our team is constantly evolving and able to keep up with the industry. They also have years of experience and expertise in fields like, E-Learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. They have around 50 to 249 employees working for them with their hourly wage varying from $25 to $49.

5. MobiDev

The old apps’ timeout is over. The world is dynamic, so those who become accustomed to technology in their businesses win. That’s why TOP companies are incorporating AI into their new and existing products. MobiDev covers what mobile and web applications should offer modern AI solutions to achieve your business goals. Like every other company they have between 250 to 999 employees and they, like other companies, pay $25 to $49 per hour to their employees.

6. Redwerk

Software Development Center

Redwerk offers full cycle development from first concept to live solution. Since 2005, they have established and provided fully managed software development teams and delivered software development projects to their clients worldwide. They build, maintain, and support software products that make sense for the business. More than 170 businesses from 22 countries have selected them as their technology partners. . They have around 50 to 249 employees working for them but unlike any other company mentioned in this article they pay $50 to $99 hourly to their employees, higher than any other company.

7. S-PRO

Strategic partner.

S-PRO is an innovative technology partner. They are helping startups create new products and empower existing businesses by streamlining their core processes in digital for many customer-focused economic goals. By working with accelerators Founder Institute, Sitelink, BCCS Cluster and others they help their clients gain more business communication and competent advice. The S-PRO team of 150+ talents has the expertise and mastery to provide a sophisticated personal approach and bring the sophisticated solutions known to the market. Like many other companies they have between 50 to 249 employees and they, like other companies, pay $25 to $49 per hour to their employees.

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